During my 4th time trip to Cuba, I visited a unique zoo. It is located at the alto de Boqueron in Felicidad de Yateras, 24 kilometers north-east of Guantanamo City. I took a taxi, because no direct buses, in addition there is in a mountain.

Here we can’t see toddling Penguins, lovely Giant Pandas, and can never hear the monkey’s chattering. On the contrary, we can see 426 animals and people very very closely, and we need not to scare ferocious escapees. Why? Because those animals were made of stone.

As indicated by the name “Zoológico de Piedra (Zoological Museum of Stone)” , they display a collection of sculptures in rock. There are no zoo like this in the world. It was started on December 21, 1977 by Ángel Iñigo Blanco(1935), at the same time as his first sculpture, El Rey de la selva.

Ángel was so talented. In fact, since his 5 years old, he distinguished himself as an able artists: he started to make wood carvings and molded clay. After discovering the large blocks of limestone in Boqueron Alto In the mid 70s, he started a new career as a sculptor.

It was declared “Cultural Patrimony of Cuba” on June 26, 1985.

Now His continues Ángel Iñigo Pérez (1967), the oldest son and also an able person, makes sculptures. He tried with the human figure like local farmers and aborigines in order to transmit their culture and history.

Let’s go on a virtual field trip to this Zoo. 




Very quiet buffalo


Chameleon and Iguana


Elephant: the second sculupture Papa Ángel carved


Buffalo attacked by lions


Wolfs and gorilla


Leopard with gazelle in its mouth.

Gorilla King Kong

Eurasian sparrowhawk and cavy

Rhinocerotidae and American Jackal, and The man knock the bull down



Huron people: indigenous peoples of North America.
A native indian hunting
Africans and wild boar
Oxcart and a worker
The farmers pick coffee

More detail about see Zoológico de Piedra.
Also EcuRed provides the list of animals.


Entrance fee: 1CUC+1CUC(camera)
TAXI: 25CUC(round trip)

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